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Today in Latin American History

The Cuban Missile Crisis Ended in 1962

The Cuban Missile Crisis Ended in 1962

Photo: Nikita Khrushchev and JFK

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Today in Latin American history, the Cuban missile crisis ended when Nikita Khrushchev ordered to remove the Soviet missiles from Cuba in 1962.

Kennedy and United Nations Secretary-General U Thant reached an agreement with Khrushchev.

Publicly, the Soviets would dismantle their offensive weapons in Cuba and return them to the Soviet Union, subject to United Nations verification, in exchange for a US public declaration and agreement never to invade Cuba.

Secretly, the US also agreed that it would dismantle all US-built Jupiter IRBMs, armed with nuclear warheads, which were deployed in Turkey and Italy against the Soviet Union.

The tense negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union pointed out the necessity of a quick, clear and direct communication between Washington and Moscow.

Other events that occurred on this day:


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