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Today in Latin American History

200,000 Protestors Demanded Hugo Chavez Step Down in 2002

200,000 Protestors Demanded Hugo Chavez Step Down in 2002

Photo: Hugo Chavez

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Today in Latin American history, over two hundred thousand people marched in Caracas towards the Presidential Palace of Miraflores, to demand the resignation of president Hugo Chávez in 2002.

The protests resulted in 19 being killed, and the Minister of Defense Gral. Lucas Rincon announced Hugo Chávez resignation on national TV.

President Chávez was ousted from office for 47 hours, being restored by a combination of military loyalists and massive public support for his government. Chávez was initially detained by members of the military and Pedro Carmona, who was declared as the interim president.

Chávez had asserted numerous times that U.S. government officials knew about plans for a coup, approved of them and assumed they would be successful.

Other events that occurred on this day:


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