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Immigration News

May 2010 Archives

CA Rep Sanchez agrees to co-sponsor DREAM Act

After years of lobbying Rep. Loretta Sanchez to co-sponsor the Dream Act, proponents of the bill said Wednesday that they are ecstatic that the Congresswoman has signed on. Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, co-sponsored the bill Tuesday, according congressional records. continue reading »

Not All AZ Hispanics Opposed to Immigration Law

Though Latinos in Arizona and nationwide have mobilized in protest against the state’s new immigration law, not all Hispanic Americans are opposed to it. In Arizona, many Latino voters see… continue reading »

White House to Send National Guard to Boost Border Security

The White House will send up to 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border and will ask Congress for $500 million to boost border security, officials said Tuesday, as President Obama tried to take control of the border security debate just as the Senate was about to take up a much bigger deployment. continue reading »