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Immigration News

Undocumented Students Rally in support the DREAM Act (VIDEO)

After being introduced 9 years ago, the DREAM Act is being resurrected this week.

The Dream Act would give conditional, legal status to the children of illegal immigrations after they complete two years of college or military service.

Harry Reid who is locked in a tight re-election campaign in his home state of Nevada is leading the effort to bring the DREAM Act to the floor this week. Some Republicans have criticized Reid by calling the move a ploy to gain the Latino vote. For many Latinos though, the DREAM act is about giving new hope to students. Hope to attend school and hope for a route to citizenship. Students rallied Saturday at the Centro Civico Mexicano in downtown Salt Lake City.

Tony Yapias of Proyecto Latino de Utah said, “Right now we have a high dropout rate. Over 45% of our youth don’t graduate. They have no hope beyond High School.” Yapias points out for many of these students, America is the only country they’ve ever known. “Many of the kids that came to this country came through no fault of their own,” he explained. “Parents brought them here. They didn’t have a choice whether to come here legally or not. They just came here to follow their parents.”

The Obama Administration is supporting the DREAM Act and Senator Reid plans to attach it as an amendment to a military reauthorization bill this week.

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