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Immigration News

Seven Arrested For Killing of 72 Migrants

Wednesday, Mexican authorities arrested seven men believed to be members of the drug cartel, The Zetas, and whom they suspect are responsible for the killing of 72 migrants.

Those killed were mostly Central and South American migrants. They were kidnapped last month in Tamaulipas, a northern state of Mexico. The Zetas blindfolded and bound the 72 migrants before ultimately lining them up against a wall and shooting them. The Zetas is comprised of army deserters who joined the very powerful Gulf cartel, but have since broken off from them and are now battling for smuggling turf in Tamaulipas.

“The seven people arrested in recent days are presumably part of the operational structure of The Zetas, responsible for the killings, “said national security official Alejandro Poire in a news conference.

“This will clarify what happened in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, and it’s a significant step toward ending the impunity surrounding assaults on migrants by organized crime,” he said.

The announcement of the arrests comes after seven additional suspects were identified, all but one of whom were dead. Three of them died in a clash with the military and three others were found dead. The seventh suspect, a teenager is in custody. Total eight suspects are in custody.

Since late 2006, when Felipe Calderon took office as President and deployed thousands of federal police and the army to attack drug cartels, over 28,000 people, traffickers as well as politicians and children, have been killed.