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Immigration News

San Fran Sheriff Upholds Sanctuary City Policy

Sheriff Michael Hennessey has opted out of a federal program that would defy San Francisco’s Sanctuary City policy.

The federal program known as Secure Communities would have Hennessey and other officials send fingerprint information from jails directly to immigration authorities, but the Sanctuary City policy prevents city officials from assisting immigration authorities unless a felony is suspected. Hennessey requested that the California Department of Justice not reveal the fingerprint information to the federal government.Image

San Francisco opted out in large part due to a report released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealing that 26 percent of all people deported in a 9 month span through the Secure Communities program were considered non-criminals.

On Tuesday, Hennessey sent a letter to California Attorney General Jerry Brown, ICE Executive Director Venturella, and Deputy Director Rapp once again stating that he wished to opt out of the Secure Communities program.

Brown has repeatedly denied San Francisco’s request to opt out, and it is ICE’s position that if the state participates a municipality must also participate.