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Immigration News

Oregon Children March in Protest of Arizona-type Law

Saturday, 268 people gathered for a Children’s March & Rally for Immigration Reform at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

The children, their parents and supporters rallied to call on state and federal law makers to “immigration restrictionists and right-wing politicians in Congress have been calling for a change in the 14th Amendment eliminating citizenship to babies born on United States soil. Instead of promoting immigration reform that would overhaul a severely flawed and broken system, they see it politically opportune to deny citizenship and promote deportation of infants and children.”

Children carried signs saying, “A country that attacks children has no values. Respect the 14th Amendment” and “FUTURE PRESIDENT” or “FUTURE LAWYER”. There were also signs in Spanish asking, “Quien trabaja bajo el sol? El Imigrante” which translates to, “Who works under the sun? The immigrant.”

The marchers hope to prevent what they believe to be racial profiling laws like Arizona’s SB1070 from coming to Oregon, and “stop local law enforcement from doing the job of [the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement]” adding that local law enforcement “belong to our communities, not the federal government.”