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Immigration News

Obama Says No to Administrative Action on Immigration Reform

President Obama implied that he would not push for reformation of the immigration system through regulations of other administrative action.

When asked what options he has to pursue immigration reform, the president told Telemundo, ‘You know, it is a very difficult thing to do administratively, and because we want comprehensive reform, and because we want the Dream Act, what we don’t want to do is give an excuse to the opposition to say, ‘Obama’s trying to do an end-run around Congress.’

The Hispanic community has had much criticism for Obama for what they believe to be a failure to follow through on his pledge to reform immigration policies. Last week, he told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) that he wouldn’t walk away from reform, and pointed to Republicans to join him in passing legislation.

Though Obama is finding it difficult to pass anything since Republicans in the Senate seem unwilling to find middle ground on immigration.