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Immigration News

“No One To Blame, But Ourselves”

“If we lose, we have no one to blame, but ourselves,” Sanchez affirmed in her speech hosted by the Utah State Hispanic Democratic Caucus.

Believing Arizona’s controversial immigration law to be racist, many believe a more comprehensive federal reform will force the right and left wings to work together to find solutions to the issue across the country. Sanchez also sited the finding of California’s 1994 ballot, in which undocumented workers were prohibited from using health care, public education and other social services, as unconstitutional.

On the opposite end are the supporters of State Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, whose draft legislation requires local police to enforce federal immigration law already set in place. Supporters say police enforcement of said laws is no different than enforcement of any other law. Stating that the rule of law is necessary and the feds are not enforcing the law.

After the 1994 ballot reversal in California, Sanchez stated that the Latinos realized the need for organization and the increase in efforts to “halt state-sanctioned discrimination.” So in Utah, the Latin communities, frustrated with its feelings of being ignored, are being asked to mobilize for reform as their brothers did in California.