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Immigration News

New Mexico Town to get $184,000 for Border Security

Much to the surprise of those present, the border liaison for the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security, Carlos Castaneda, at a Mesilla board of trustees meeting, revealed that the Mesilla Marshal’s Department would receive $184,000 in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, through Operation Stonegarden.

The money is to help the area become “a second tier of defense” for border security, and Marshal Jeff Gray, like many others was shocked at the amount.

To put it in perspective, “it’s more than half our total budget. Absolutely, it is a complete win situation for us, “ said Gray. “Especially when you consider that our total budget is $310,000.”

The money will allow the hiring of five additional officers to specifically work to secure the border, new cameras, computer, and possibly two new vehicles.