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Immigration News

Iowa’s Largest Work Raid Back in the News

A motion was filed on behalf of Sholom Rubashkin, a former Iowa kosher slaughterhouse executive seeking a new trial, claiming that the judge who sentenced him participated in the planning of a May 2008 immigration raid that lead to his arrest. At the plant in Postville, Iowa, 389 illegal immigrants were detained, making it the largest single-site immigration raid in U.S. history at the time. Sholom Rubashkin was found guilty on account of 86 federal financial fraud charges. He was sentenced in June by Chief U.S. District Court Judge Linda Reade to 27 years in prison and ordered to pay $27 million in restitution..

The motion alleges that Judge Reade participated in the planning of the raid. Rubashkin’s attorneys are seeking a neutral and disinterested judge to be assigned to rule on the motion.


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