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Immigration News

McCain’s Win Could Be One For Immigration Reformers As Well

Tuesday’s Republican primary was a successful one for Senator John McCain, and could prove to be a positive one for immigration as well.

Once being called a maverick for taking on his own party, McCain seems to be willing to work along side Democrats on immigration reform. While conservatives often feel a sense of abandonment by McCain’s changing views on immigration policy, Democrats and supporters are hoping to have a friend in the Republican, 73, as he seems to have backed away from his once harsh stance on illegal immigration having been quoted as saying, “ just finish the dang fence, “ in reference to border control.

Though he may go back to sitting on the fence as a more moderate conservative as he draws closer to November, John McCain is currently a mystery. The Amnesty v.  Harsh Reform bubble seems to hover above his head, and has everyone wondering, “What is he going to do now?” Immigration reform proponents are hopeful that they will be able to count on McCain should he be successful in November.