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Immigration News

Massachusetts Sheriff Will Not Allow Illegal Alien Detentions

Suffolk Sheriff, Andrea J. Cabral, located in Massachusetts has asked U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to remove all the illegal immigrant detainees it is currently holding in its jails.  Cabral was receiving close to $10 million a year in federal funds for housing immigrant detainees (approximately $90 per person per day) and felt that was not enough for the duty.  In addition, the Sheriff was under investigation for allowing a Dominican detainee to die under her care when he did not receive adequate medical help.  Accused Craiglist killer Philip Markoff also ended up dead by suicide under her care this week.

Cabral sent ICE a letter stating her request that they remove all detainees by October 12.  She did not mention her investigation but did mention the “staggering lack of communication and respect” from ICE.  The state of Massachusetts earned $54 million over the last five years for its detention work. 



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