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Immigration News

Liberal Arizona Ads Trying to Turn Anger Into Votes

New ads being run by a liberal group are banking on the fact that the mere mention of the names of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is all it takes to get Arizona Hispanics fired up enough to vote.

Spanish-language ads with a man saying things like, “Since Arpaio started with his raids, and since Brewer took over the governorship, each morning I look in the mirror and see myself as their Mr. Scapegoat,” he continues by adding, “That’s what they have done for you and me. Even though we are Americans!”

The man in the ad ends it by saying, “let them know you’ve had enough.”

NDN’s polls indicated that even the small minority of Hispanics who agree with the policies still dislike the pair. The two have made headlines for their controversial immigration crackdowns and for Brewer, the passing of Senate Bill 1070.

The ads hope to turn voter frustration and anger into voter turnout. NDN Senior Vice President Andres Ramirez says, “If you don’t vote, you’re saying it’s OK for them to keep doing those things, you need to stand up and let them know you disagree.”