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Immigration News

Government Agencies Join Forces to Stop Smugglers

Quietly, and for the last seven weeks, the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Border Patrol have carried out and anti-smuggling campaign in areas with reportedly high numbers of drug runners and unauthorized immigrants.

Directors of the two agencies said Monday that they have added manpower, torn down lookout posts, and erected barriers attempting to increase security to Vekol Valley near Casa Grande.

The agencies also worked together to combat border-related crime in the Sonoran Desert National Monument and the Ironwood Forest National Monument after the past year saw a series of violent events occur near Casa Grande.

Officials from the two agencies said that illegal activity at the Southwest border is declining overall, and that due to an increase in manpower and technology the entire Sonoran border can be monitored at once.

New signs have also been installed that describe increased federal patrols and cleanup efforts. The previous signs merely warned that the area was unsafe due to armed smugglers.


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