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Immigration News

Brewer Wants 11 Latin American Countries to Butt Out

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has some Arizona Democrats on her side for the moment as they ask some countries to butt out, so to speak, of their immigration court proceedings.

Last week, eleven Latin American countries, including Mexico, asked for permission to file a brief as “friends of the court” in order to share and have their viewpoints considered regarding Arizona’s SB1070.

After the federal appeals court ruling allowed the “friends of the court” to weigh in, Brewer criticized the court and said she was offended that foreign governments would attempt to involve themselves in the state’s legal dispute.

The surprise in this ordeal is that ten Democratic state officials are agreeing with Brewer, and say the eleven Latin American countries ‘are meddling’ in U.S. affairs, arguing that SB1070 issues are matters to be resolved between the U.S. and Arizona governments.

The countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru, all agree that SB1070 would harm international relations between their countries and the United States.