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Immigration News

Auto Insurance Available To Undocumented Immigrants

The insurance industry is creating a new micro industry by writing auto insurance policies to illegal immigrants. It is widely assumed to be in the best interest of all drivers to have as many as possible insured. 30 states currently do not issue driver’s licenses to individuals who cannot prove their citizenship (i.e. possession of a social security number)

‘People would like to believe that an undocumented individual wouldn’t buy a car, or if they had a car and didn’t have a driver’s license, they wouldn’t drive to work. That’s clearly not the case, ‘ stated John Rost, an insurance company president.

Rost noted that establishing citizenship isn’t necessarily a requirement for purchasing or registering a car, something confirmed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Insurers.

‘I don’t know if any of us are out there vying for it,’ Rost expressed about the practice. ’It’s not something we advertise or market. It’s simply due to the fact that these consumers are walking in and insurance companies are able to take that customer and charge them what they think is the appropriate premium. We’re simply able to facilitate that.’

‘As soon as one carrier allowed it in their underwriting guidelines, other carriers started to add it in,’ Rost said.