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Immigration News

Arpaio Tells Tea Party Rally He Should Be Thanked

Controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio believes Nevada owes him a little thanks.

While his immigration policies have many calling him a racist, Arpaio says he’s kept thousands of undocumented immigrants out of Arizona, and that nearly 2,000 drug smugglers have been arrested in his Maricopa County Jurisdiction stopping them from moving on to other states such as Nevada.

Monday, Arpaio, who calls himself the “toughest sheriff in America” said, ‘The politicians should be thanking me, but they don’t. I’m the guy who knows where the border is and is cracking down on illegal immigration.’

The sheriff visited Las Vegas on Tuesday to address a Tea Party Express rally. He told his audience that President Obama needs him to resolve the country’s immigration crisis. Arpaio even offered Nevada help to build its own tent city in which to detain undocumented immigrants.

“First of all, everybody talks about secure the border,” said Arpaio. “That’s a copout. Why don’t they secure the United States of America and lock up the illegals who are already here?”

When a Fox News affiliate asked Arpaio if he thought Tea Party rallies were breeding grounds for extremists he said, “That’s ridiculous. I’ve dealt with the Tea Party…They’re nice people.”