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Immigration News

37 Immigrants Rescued From California Home

More than three dozen immigrants were rescued from a California home.

Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said that many of the 37 people rescued had been locked inside an almost unbearably hot 10 by 10 foot boarded-up room. Three children under the age of 2 were among the 37, and many of the immigrants had gone days without food.

Authorities began the search for the house after a man called saying smugglers had threatened to kill his relative when the family couldn’t pay the additional money being demanded for his release. Searching for two days, and using an infrared-equipped helicopter, officials found the house Tuesday.

It is not uncommon for smugglers to hold immigrants from days or even weeks until they are paid for bringing them into the country.

Seven other immigrants being smuggled through the same network were found by authorities in the Los Angeles area. 44 total, the immigrants, currently in ICE custody, had come from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Six suspected immigrants were also arrested in officials’ probe of the smuggling group.