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Immigration News

2 Chicago Immigration Organizations Awarded USCIS Grants

On Monday, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced the 75 organizations it would be giving immigration grants to.

Among the 75 receiving grants, two were from Chicago. Institute for Latino Progress (Instituto del Progreso Latino) and Association House of Chicago. Both were awarded $100,000.

Founded in 1899, and one of the oldest settlement houses in the city, the Association House of Chicago serves the economically disadvantaged community residents of Chicago’s greater Humbolt Park area. As a FY 2009 Citizenship Grant Program funding recipient, Association House expanded citizenship preparation programs to Hispanic elderly and low-income lawful permanent residents (LPRs).

With FY 2010 funding, the organization plans to provide an ESL for Citizenship class, a Spanish speakers’ citizenship course for Latino LPRs who are exempt from the English test requirements, and general citizenship classes for other LPRs in the Chicago area.

Since 1977, the Institute for Latino Progress (ILP) has supported Latino immigrants and their families on the southwest side of Chicago. With this funding, the ILP will focus efforts on LPRs with the greatest need for literacy education. Through the Pathways to Citizenship project, the ILP aims to bring 260 low and pre-literate Latino immigrants from less than a first grade reading level up to a seventh grade reading equivalent in preparation for the citizenship test and interview.

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