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Immigration News

Mississippi Politicians Plan to Adopt AZ-style Law

Mississippi’s Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and state Rep. Becky Currie, both republicans, are pushing for an immigration-enforcement law similar to Arizona’s. continue reading »

Undocumented Teen Forced to Work to Pay Off His Smuggling Fee

An undocumented Mexican teen was arrested for tending to marijuana crops in Ventura County, California. The juvenile was forced to work for illegal pot growers to pay off his debt to his immigrant smuggler. continue reading »

Virginia Attorney General Rules in Favor of AZ-style Law

Virginia Attorney General ruled in an official legal opinion that police officers and other legal authorities can question individuals on immigration status of anyone stopped or arrested. In the state of Virginia, official opinions of an attorney general are considered law unless a judge disagrees. continue reading »

Indiana Residents Protest Arizona’s Immigration Law

More than 100 people ranging in ages arrived downtown Thursday in South Bend, Indiana to protest the anti-immigration law in Arizona. Protesters first held a rally at Morris Center for Performing Arts where the overwhelming messages was the respect of a diverse community. continue reading »

Latino Children In North Carolina

The Latino children of North Carolina represent the fastest growing segment of the state’s population, increasing 34% in the last three years, and yet are the most underserved. A study by Action for Children, a nonpartisan advocacy group, identified the issues negatively effecting this young population that have resulted in low-test performances, high drop out rates and low graduation rates. continue reading »

County in Virginia Drafts Arizona-like Measure

The Prince William County in Virginia released on Thursday an Arizona-like piece of legislation called the Virginia Rule of Law Act. The measure enhances police official’s power to capture, detain and deport undocumented immigrants. continue reading »

Atlanta Metro Area Spends Thousands on Interpreter Services

Cities throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area are spending a significant amount of their budgets a year on interpreter services in local courts for non-speaking English defendants. Gwinnett County, home to Georgia’s largest Hispanic population, spent over half-a-million on interpreter services in its court systems in 2009. continue reading »

Senator of South Carolina to Introduce Anti-Birthright Citizenship Measure

Republican senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina announced Wednesday night his intent to change the 14th amendment, which currently grants citizenship to any child born in the United States. continue reading »

Florida Intends to Introduce Arizona-style Bill

Florida Intends to Introduce Arizona-style Bill

Lawmakers of the Sunshine State unsuccessfully attempted to introduce an Arizona-style bill during last week’s special legislative session. Lawmakers plan to bring up the issue again in September. continue reading »

87 convicted criminal aliens and fugitives were arrested in ICE enforcement surges

RICHMOND, Va. – 75 foreign nationals with criminal records and 12 fugitives were arrested in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Washington, D.C. following two enforcement surges this summer by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). During the two operations in June and July, the last of which concluded Wednesday, ICE officers located and arrested 75 criminal aliens with prior convictions for a variety of crimes, including robbery and narcotics possession with intent to distribute and 12 immigration fugitives. These special operations involved more than 70 officers from ICE and the U.S. Marshals Service. continue reading »