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Where is Senator Marco Rubio’s Complete Legal Immigration Plan?

Where is Senator Marco Rubio’s Complete Legal Immigration Plan?

Photo: Marco Rubio Anti Dream Act

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After meeting in person with valedictorian Daniela Pelaez from Florida who was facing deportation, Senator Rubio restated his opposition to the DREAM ACT by saying: “it is the wrong way to do the right thing.”

The Tequila Party Movement calls on Senator Rubio to show us his way of doing the right thing. We want action and not empty words. We ask Senator Rubio to reach out to Senator Menendez who has crafted an immigration plan and roll up his sleeves to work for all American people and in a bi-partisan fashion to give our nation sensible immigration reform that promotes legal migration.  Make our country globally competitive for the 21st century and offer an earned path for legalization for the unauthorized residents who have otherwise lived within the law.  The time to act is now. We cannot wait until after elections.  We cannot lose another generation of graduating, talented seniors and let them live without hope in our country which is full of possibilities.  It is time to move this policy issue out of the extremist politics which has hijacked CIR for years and instead promote good policy.

We want to see Senator Rubio’s leadership and plan to see his right way of doing the right thing. We note that Senator Rubio’s father, mother and brother entered the United States upon the invitation of a relative, what he has called:  “chain migration”.  Thereafter, they all enjoyed the benefits of the Cuban Adjustment Act.  Today, if a Cuban national crosses the U.S. Mexican border illegally, a year after such entrance pursuant to this generous act, he/she can become a legal permanent resident.  Many individuals would call that “amnesty”.

The right thing to do is to support a full legal immigration reform, but due to the lack of leadership at the Hill, we are willing to use stepping stones to accomplish the full enchilada.  Typically a President will address a legal immigration reform plan after he is elected into his/her second term (as demonstrated with former President George W. Bush) and we cannot take chances on waiting anymore.