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U. of Puerto Rico Students Protest Additional Fees; Other College News

U. of Puerto Rico Students Protest Additional Fees; Other College News

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Students at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras protested against a special fee last week. The $800 fee is “intended to compensate for the university’s budget deficit.” A two-month student strike took place last spring and shut down the entire university until an agreement was made, which stated that the university would not demand the fee until January 2011.

A new survey found that nearly one-third of community college students were unable to enroll in at least one class last semester due to seat limitations. Harris Interactive surveyed 1,434 students between Sept. 27 and Nov. 4, 2010. On average, students planned to take 3.3 courses but ended up enrolling in 2.9 courses.

Students who declared themselves undocumented immigrants last year in the hopes that the DREAM Act would pass in Congress are now at risk of deportation. While officials say that students without criminal records are not deportation priorities, 393,000 immigrants were deported last year. New restrictions may also cause problems for the estimated 1.2 million undocumented students’ access to public education.

Zipcar Inc., a car-sharing company, announced today that it has expanded to eight more college campuses. Zipcar now serves in over 225 campuses across the country. The campuses it has expanded to include the University of Texas-Austin, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, the University of Richmond, and several others.