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Testimony Before Congressional Ad Hoc HB56 Hearing on Alabama Crisis

Testimony Before Congressional Ad Hoc HB56 Hearing on Alabama Crisis

Photo: Alabama Immigration Law

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Mary Bauer from the Southern Poverty Law Center gave testimony to Congress about the Alabama crisis and suggested that we share it.  I don’t think anyone else has so clearly described the situation down there.

Also, have you heard that the civil rights hotline set up by legal groups has gotten about 4,000 calls? Unbelievable.  Here are a few of Mary’s examples:

A mother in northern Alabama was told she could not attend a book fair at her daughter’s school without an Alabama state ID or driver’s license.

A victim of domestic violence went to court to obtain a protective order. The clerk told her that she’d be reported to ICE if she proceeded.

A judge advised a lawyer that the lawyer had obligation to report her own client to ICE as undocumented.  The same judge stated that he might have to report to ICE any person who asked for an interpreter, as such a request would be a red flag.

In Northport, the water authority provided notices to Latino customers that their services would be shut off if they didn’t provide proof of immigration status immediately.

A worker called to say that his employer refused to pay him, citing HB56, and stated that the worker had no rights to be paid under this law.

Latino workers on a construction job site were threatened by a group of men with guns, who told them to go back to Mexico and threatened to kill them if they were there the following day.  They declined to report the crime to law enforcement because of fears of what would happen to them if they did.

A father called to report that his U.S. citizen daughter came home weeping from school after other students told her she did not belong there and needed to go back to Mexico—a country she had never visited.

Here’s the link to Mary’s testimony with all of the dirty details: