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Racy JC- Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Racy JC- Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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For those of you who don’t know, Racy JC (Picante JC in Latin America) has been learning Spanish. I hope someday (someday soon) to move to a tropical Latin country where I can sit on the beach with a few cute Latin “friends,” sip margaritas, and dance salsa in the moonlight. Ahh. In addition to Rosetta Stone, for my Spanish-language training I diligently watch Telemundo’s 12 Corazones. It is so funny and the host is so vibrant that even my BF (which speaks only English and Farsi) watches it with me every night. The show with four guys and eight women sets forth various eliminations until three couples emerge victorious from the rubble of stripper pole dancing, lap dancing, kissing, and Spanish insults. (I know you are ready to tune in now, so let me give you the link). I know you are saying “I’m setting my Tivo right now JC, but get to the #$& point!” Here is my point: the women and the men on this show are always fighting. The women come off like bitter angry gold diggers (and none of them is ever a day over 25) and the men seem like insensitive a-holes. Every night the men and women of 12 Corazones battle it out even though really they want the same thing—love, companionship, and (of course) some mind-blowing sexo. So why are men and women at odds?

Because we dismiss this as a problema we will never solve—the Battle of the Sexes. Taking into account the physical, chemical, and other differences between men and women, the reason no one is getting what they want is simple: they never look at things from the other person’s perspective. Even Dale Carnegie, who wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People (I know it sounds like lame self-help trash but it’s really quite solid), says that we need to always take ourselves out of the situation and look at things from the other person’s point of view. When was the last time you did that? How about when it comes to love? Women (and not only those on 12 Corazones) begin listing demands as early as their first date. “Yeah, well, he has to be tall, good looking, have money, and good hair.” No wonder the guy thinks to himself, “How long do I have to listen to this BS before I can get laid? Is it really worth all this trouble?”

Whenever society marks a problem unsolvable due to genetics, we just throw up our hands. There is nothing we can do, right? Men and women will just have to continue beating up each other in some sick Roman Coliseum-like duel that allows few people happiness and wounds everyone. No! Instead of listing our demands, women should shut our yaps and listen to the guy! Maybe he is a heartless corporate tool douchebag and no matter how well he meets the criteria he is not the right guy for you. Or maybe the short bald guy is, in fact, all that and a bag of olestra-free chips. I am picking on the women here because we often tend to talk more than listen, but the same goes for men too! Listen! If it’s clear right off that she wants a steady boyfriend, loves to watch old episodes of Murder, She Wrote (Angela Lansbury rocks!), and thinks video games are for babies, she may not be for you. So don’t f*ck with her (and especially don’t f*ck her); just move on to the next one. As the Latinos say: Hay muchos peces en el mar! (There are many fish in the sea!) So take it from Picante JC: the Battle of the Sexes is not a battle at all.  The only way to win is to stop fighting and start listening.