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Latinos in Social Media [LATISM] Campaign Lays Foundation for Ongoing Program to Support Libraries

Latinos in Social Media [LATISM] Campaign Lays Foundation for Ongoing Program to Support Libraries

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Today Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), announces the results of its LATISM Adopts a Library Book Drive program to help Community Libraries across the US. LATISM laid the program groundwork with a 2010-2011 donation of over 400 books that will be donated to the City of Moreno Valley Public Library in Moreno Valley, California. The library was chosen by LATISM’s extensive online community of over 100,000 Latinos in the United States and all over Latin America, via Twitter and Facebook.

With this first installment of the social media-based Adopt a Library program, LATISM is paving the way for its members and sympathizers to “give the gift of reading” and putting fiction, non-fiction, bilingual and childrens books into the hands of thousands of people in the Moreno Valley area. Subsequent book drives will be implemented throughout the year to support libraries across the United States.

Combating a Crisis in Literacy and Education

An essential part of the mission of Latinos in Social Media is to support education, one of the biggest challenge our community faces right now. With the onset of the recession, a majority of public libraries, such as the Moreno Valley Public Library, sustained cuts in local funding during fiscal 2010, compared with fiscal 2009. Public libraries in general, and specifically those serving minority communities, are in dire need of support. With state aid of only $0.38, and with no federal funding, the Moreno Valley library does not have enough funds to buy books.

“The staff here were all very gratified to learn Moreno Valley Public Library was voted favorite library in the online poll conducted by Latinos in Social Media [LATISM]”, said Paula Smus, Acting Library Services Division Manager at The Moreno Valley Public Library.  “The award of so many new books in Spanish and English is a gift to this community that is greatly appreciated and will get a great deal of use.  We thank LATISM for supporting reading and libraries in such a creative and generous way!”

“Latinos online have spoken, and their words show their deep commitment to education and literacy in the Latino community,” said Elianne Ramos, Vice Chair of Communications and Public Relations for LATISM. “Our initial donation of over 400 books will make a real difference for the Moreno Valley Public Library and its surrounding community. We look forward to continuing our mission by bringing using the full power of social media and technology as a platform for real life action, real impact in our community. We are grateful and extremely excited to work with so many generous partners that helped to make this nationwide initiative happen.”

The LATISM Adopts a Library Virtual Book Drive partners include Christina Castro on behalf of Penguin Books USA, Grupo Nelson, Candlewick Press, Singalingo, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, Author Raul Ramos y Sanchez, Reina Valenzuela and Julio R. Varela.

Virtual Book Drive organizing committee: Claudia Duncan, Gina Ruiz and Elianne Ramos.

Founded in 2009, Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) is a 501(c) 4 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community by providing capacity-building training, information, resources and networking opportunities. LATISM also researches and analyzes Latino use of online social networks to inform decision-making by businesses, nonprofits, policymakers and others seeking to reach or mobilize Latinos. For more information, go to http://latism.org.