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Katt Williams- Racist or Patriot??

Katt Williams- Racist or Patriot??

Photo: Katt Williams

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I am the National Commander of the Brown Beret National Organization. We have been fighting against racial discrimination towards people of Mexican descent in the U.S. since 1967. I am writing you this in protest against Hector Luis Alamo’s article agreeing with “comedian” Katt Williams racial rant against Mexicans in the U.S. because it shows him to be racist towards our people.
By agreeing with him, Hector Luis Alamo, though a Latino himself but not of Mexican descent, shows his also racist attitude toward our people and should not be employed by you or any other public venue.
Please consider this. If something is not done about Hector and his racist beliefs, We will organize protest at your front doorsteps.
Please feel free to contact me should you want additional information.
Jeronimo Blanco


Dear Mr. Jeronimo Blanco,

First, I would like to thank you for writing HS News and expressing your concerns about the content of my most recent comments. I always appreciate feedback from the readers, and I welcome any opportunity to participate in a fair and honest discussion with my fellow Latinos.

Now, as to the issues contained in your letter, let me say that I think you have misunderstood my position. And after rereading the piece several times, I don’t think that my words could have led to the misunderstanding.

The point I was making is that Katt Williams “racial rant” was not racial whatsoever, merely nationalistic. And while I disagree with nationalistic sentiments in general, I could not take umbrage to what Williams said onstage this past weekend. To avoid any further confusion, allow me summarize the quoted parts of the so-called “racist tirade” (the media’s label, not yours):

1)    The American Southwest no longer belongs to Mexico, so Mexicans and other Latinos should not continue to claim it as Mexican territory.

2)    Foreign nationals should not immigrate to this country (or any country) and still claim allegiance to the country they emigrated from. Specifically, no immigrant living in the United States should claim an allegiance to a foreign country that supersedes their allegiance to the United States and its people.

The first point is such a non-issue among serious people that it does not deserve any attention here.


Therefore, I’ll assume that you took issue with the second contention: that immigrants should swear allegiance to this country and its people above all others. Still, I don’t see the controversy in such a statement.

The only types of immigrants I can think of that might be exempted from swearing allegiance to the United States would be refugees and exiles, but even then, I still think that their allegiance to this country should supersede their allegiance to the country they have left behind. Of course they would like to be in their ancestral homeland, but they can no longer live there for whatever reason. That being the case, they must pledge loyalty to their new home, the only home they now have.

Ironically, after visiting the Brown Berets’ website, I must say that I completely agree with the group’s stance and methods. (If you read more of my writings, you’ll see that.) I hold a Bachelor’s in history and ethnic relations in the United States from the University of Illinois at Chicago and, through my work, have promoted the collective uplift of the Latino community through educational, social and political empowerment. I am an ardent supporter of immigrant rights – whether here legally or not – and a staunch opponent of discrimination and racism, which are still very much alive and real.

However, I am an American. My mother is a Navy veteran who served in Guatanamo Bay, Cuba, and my father is an Army veteran and former Chicago police officer. My brother is a Marine who just served his tour of duty in Iraq. (I took the intellectual route to patriotic service.)

And although I am a patriot, my political views are progressive. I am even against any English-First legislation (though even a few undocumented friends of mine actually support such laws.)

In closing, Katt Williams’ comments this past weekend were not racist in the least, only nationalistic; and nationalistic in the most reasonable form. I do not think it is wrong of any American to expect that the people who immigrate here will pledge their unfettered love and energy to this great project called “America.”

For any immigrant to pledge their affinity and allegiance to a foreign country is simply wrong.

I welcome any questions or comments.


Hector Luis Alamo, Jr.

Today’s contributor is Hector Luis Alamo, Jr. Hector is a freelance writer and community activist of Honduran-Puerto Rican descent living in Chicago. He studied history at the University of Illinois-Chicago, where his departmental concentration was on ethnic relations in the United States. In 2007 he co-founded an online blog, YoungObservers, and has remained its main contributor. Since 2010 he’s been the Opinions editor for the Chicago Flame, and he also contributes periodically for Examiner.com as its Chicago City Buzz Examiner. He is currently working on his first book.