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HSN Weighs in on President Obama’s Immigration Speech

President Obama opened his address to the nation this morning to tackle the long overdue issue of immigration by recognizing that immigrants “made America the engine of global economy”.

He recounted the stories of successful Hispanic immigrants who with their entrepreneurial spirit and patriotism for their newfound country impacted the nation in a positive way. He comforted the cries of millions of immigrants who are discriminated, “being American is not a matter of blood or birth, but a matter of faith.”

Then he got to business, and painted vividly the truth of the problem. Everyone has to take accountability; the undocumented citizens for coming here without permission or overstaying their visas, businesses for exploiting them, and the government for failing to enforce and implement stricter immigration laws.

Obama demanded responsibility of undocumented immigrants by admitting they’re here illegally, learn English, pay a fine, pay taxes, simultaneously sending a message to possible immigrants that it is NOT okay for them to come here illegally.

“today we have more boots on the ground on the South West border than anytime in our history.”

Action Plan

Obama recognizes the importance of this moment to act. He recognizes that laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 puts pressures on local authorities, local budgets, and makes it difficult for undocumented immigrants to report crimes essentially making the streets more dangerous.

Obama highlighted the importance of having a homogeneous immigration law across the nation, so the nation is not fragmented on this issue.

In regards to border security Obama asserted, “today we have more boots on the ground on the South West border than anytime in our history.”

Most importantly Obama acknowledged that immigration reform should facilitate the migration of the best and the brightest with entrepreneurial spirit to flourish in the Land of the Free, the law should also respect the unity of families, create a path for farm workers who cultivate and harvest the land, and finally reassured the Hispanic community that he is 100% behind the Dream Act that would enable undocumented students to obtain a higher education.

His efforts, the efforts of immigration advocates, and Hispanic organizations are all in vain and impossible without republican votes, “It’s simply not politically or mathematically possible.”


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