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Dream Action Coalition:  Immigration Reform is Alive, but NOT in Congress

The Dream Action Coalition released the following statement on GOP’s unwillingness to move on immigration reform:

Republicans continue to attack our families: a Republican from California wants the President to deport DREAMers, and Speaker Boehner is planning to sue the President over DACA.

Congressman Gutierrez and advocates have now deemed immigration reform over in Congress, and this is just the latest in a string of signs indicating that immigration reform has no chance in the House. Congress has failed to keep families together. Now it is up to the President of the United States to show courage and use his administrative authority to give relief to our families and stop deporting innusiocent people.

“Our dysfunctional Congress killed immigration reform a long time ago, but now it is clear that it is over. It is unfortunate how Republicans are using the children, “warehoused” near the border, to play politics. Using this to call for an end to DACA, like Congressman Darrell Issa did, is just drastic. Now more than ever we demand the President to act on his own to protect the 11 million people who are susceptible to deportation under his administration,” said Erika Andiola from the Dream Action Coalition.

Dream Action Coalition serves as a voice for undocumented youth and lobbying arm of the dream movement. Their work ensures that undocumented youth are represented in the halls of power and are correctly and directly informed of the actions of Congress, Executive Agencies, and the Courts.


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