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Congressman C. Gonzalez Cites Romney’s False Promises to American Families and American Business

Congressman C. Gonzalez Cites Romney’s False Promises to American Families and American Business

Photo: Congressman Gonzalez

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Congressman Charlie Gonzalez (TX-20) criticized Mitt Romney’s attack on President Obama’s accomplishments and policies at a campaign stop in Fort Worth, Texas. Congressman Gonzalez issued the following statement regarding Romney’s attacks:

“While falsely portraying President Obama’s accomplishments, Mitt Romney continues to campaign with the same old failed policies that caused an economic crisis that resulted in nearly 800,000 lost jobs a month.

“Romney is attempting to pander to the Hispanic community and small businesses with false accusations, but he can’t hide the facts of his real vision for America. Over the course of the 7 years that he has been running for President, Mitt Romney has supported the ruinous Ryan budget that would end the Medicare guarantee millions of seniors depend on, vowed to have let the auto industry go bankrupt instead of rescuing them, said he would veto the DREAM Act if it passed Congress, and is committed to repealing health care reform that provides millions of families and businesses with quality, affordable health care.

“Additionally, in his last political office, Governor Romney led Massachusetts to 47th out of 50 states in job creation, oversaw a loss in manufacturing jobs at twice the national average, and vetoed in state tuition for DREAM Act children.

“The facts of the matter are that under President Obama’s leadership, the economy has added 4.3 million jobs over 27 consecutive months of private sector job growth. The President has also signed 18 tax cuts into law to support small business growth, rescued the auto industry, and expanded access to college by increasing PELL Grant awards to over 3 million students.

“President Obama recognizes that there still remains much work to be done to move the economic recovery forward through job creation and an economy built to last, but Mitt Romney continues to run on policies that would jeopardize the financial future of our country.”