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Celebs Love Interracial Dating More Than Blow and Swag Combined

I got this letter the other day that read, “Dear Racy JC, love your book and your site! I am a white male, but I am fascinated by interracial relationships. What are your opinions of celebrity interracial couples like Heidi Klum and Seal, and other white supermodels who date interracially? Thank you.”

Normally I am not that into celebrities. Celebrity becomes big star, starts doing blow, goes to rehab, becomes a big star again. So boring. Frankly, I find real people a whole lot more interesting. However, I always answer my readers. So here goes.

I think in a lot of ways celebrities can be forerunners in cultural change. I think celebrities like Heidi Klum can date and marry a dark black guy like Seal because no one is going to question her. They are too busy fawning over her. And the end result is that the public sees an interracial couple hugging and kissing (and even sexing each other up in Seal’s music video, see below). That affection, to me, is a good thing. The more people see interracial couples, the more people become comfortable with the idea. Klum and Seal have sort of become the poster children for interracial relationships. They seem to be the perfect family.

A negative (see aforementioned Big Star =  Blow scenario) is that often celebrities disappoint. They break up or do something stupid. Or both. (Hey Tiger!) So I don’t think anyone should idealize them. I also am a little concerned that, like with the latest fashions, some people might follow celebrities into interracial dating to be trendy. Love is not like a Prada bag, with relationships people’s feelings get involved. But overall, I think that Seal and Klum have been and are good PR for interracial relationships.

And while these two may be well known, there are actually a lot of celebrities are in interracial relationships. Some may even surprise you.

Halle Berry. This talented hot B-hach really gets around. She has a white baby daddy and is dating a French film star with a Latin last name (a French Martinez?). Actually, he is part Spanish, part French. What a nice combo! Nice goin’ Halle. She says she will never get married again (preachin’ to the choir on that one sister), but continues to date various men of different races and cultures.
Jim Carrey has ripped off Jenny McCarthy’s mask to reveal an Indian woman. Just kidding. The funny man has been spotted dating the very hot America’s Next Top Model contestant Anchal Joseph. Hot off the presses: Carrey has Curry Fever!
Poor Macaulay Culkin, things haven’t been going so great for him since the Home Alone series was finally, for the love of god, over. Since breaking it off with That ’70s Show’s Mila Kunis, he has been rumored to be “dating” a Spanish porn star. Following which he made a very Clinton-type comment: “I have had no contact with this woman…” Can you have had “no contact” and yet still have “sexual relations with that woman?” Bill? Monica? Can someone chime in on that one?
George Lucas. This is for those of us who grew up in love with the real Star Wars (let’s make no mention of that recent trash). His imaginary universe had only one real black man (no matter how smooth Lando was, that was a big burden) and the only other “man in black” was the most evil of all bad guys. However, it was clear that in no way did Lucas mean that to be a negative commentary on race. In fact, Lucas himself has gone to the dark side! He is dating Mellody Hobson, a black women and the president of a large investment firm in Chicago. I think it’s going to work out. The Force is strong with this one.
In most cases I would never and in no way recommend that anyone do anything that celebrities are doing. (Just say no to blow.) I think interracial dating is maybe the one exception. Go for it. You have my permission, and the Seal of approval.

Today’s contributor is J.C. Davies. J.C. spent more than a decade managing money and writing stock opinions on Wall Street. After the market downturn of 2008, she began focusing on her other area of expertise: interracial dating. She has more than 20 years of experience dating men of different cultures, including: Latino, Asian, Jewish, Black and Middle Eastern men. She lives in Midtown Manhattan with her boyfriend and geriatric cat. I Got the Fever the definitive guide to intercultural dating, hit bookstores February 1, 2011

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