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Open Letter to Arizona Senator After He Shows up Wearing Sombrero and 1/2 Filled Bottle of Tequilla

Open Letter to Arizona Senator After He Shows up Wearing Sombrero and 1/2 Filled Bottle of Tequilla

Photo: State Senator Shooter

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Dear Senator Shooter   (R-Yuma),

Yuma County has had a long standing tradition of sending Representatives and Senators to the State Capital that have displayed a code of conduct conducive to the position they hold as elected officials. Both Republicans and or Democrats have conducted themselves in a manner that does not cast a negative view on our community, or a particular segment of the community they are entrusted to represent. We might disagree with their voting on certain issues but nonetheless they are still Yuma Representatives. I am insulted by the recent display of arrogance Senator Shooter (R-Yuma) demonstrated at recent Special Session at the State capital where the topic was to extend jobless benefits that were due to expire on 6/12/2011.

Senator Shooter you showed up wearing a Sombrero and a sarape with a half-filled bottle of tequila in hand. When asked you replied “it was a joke”! And went on to show displeasure for Governors Brewer call to the Special Session by saying that “You hope this meeting is important” Mr. Shooter I am not laughing if you think that our current situation in Yuma County is a laughing matter, think again.  Just as a historical fact the highest unemployment rate in Arizona was back in 1982 at 11.6% and the lowest in 2007 at 3.7%, currently the State is at 9.3% while Yuma County is steady at 25.2% and not getting any better and you think this is a joke? You have singled out a particular segment of our community as being the cause of the jobless issue, you have implied that the reason Yuma is in the situation that we are is due to drunk unemployed Mexicans?  How big of you to have Mexicans to blame for our current state of affairs.

May I remind you Sir that this issue is across the board, everyone is hurting not just Mexicans, Yuma County currently is among the Arizona Counties with the highest unemployment rate in the state as mentioned ! People are losing their homes and many of them are just trying to get by and you feel that mocking a segment of the community you are entrusted to represent makes you popular? What arrogance and lack of cultural sensitivity. Whatever possessed you to think that it was all right to display such disrespect?

Not only you have manifested a level of ignorance but at the same time violated a code of conduct demanded of Yuma Representatives. I don’t want your apology or your half hearted excuse, what I do want, is for you to remember that your lack of respect and your display of arrogance will cost you your re-election. Try joking on that! I hope that the Yuma Community as a whole will see your actions as degrading and shameful, especially for an elected official.

Juan M. Guerrero Jr.
Yuma County Resident