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Major Arrests Announced in Mexico’s War on Drugs

Mexico’s Federal Department of Public Safety announced the capture and arrest of nine presumed assassins of the Sinaloa Cartel to the Mexican press this morning.  The individuals have been linked to the homicide of two Federal Policemen and a multiple of other crimes.

The coordinator of Regional Security for the Federal Police, Luis Cárdenas Palomino, stated that the detained were captured in Nayarit after a confrontation with Federal Police claiming the lives of two officers.  Among the detainees is Jorge Antonio Arias Flores, “El Guacho”, 29, leader of a drug cell who is linked to kidnappings and drug distribution.

The group operates under the direct orders of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the famed leader of the Sinaloa Cartel who remains at largel. The others that were captured were in charge of logistics, distributing drugs in their respective terrorties implementing kidnapping operations, carrying out assassinations, as well as overseeing hostages during their captivity.

For the Mexican authorities this capture represents a major victory in their war with the cartels.  They are very cognizant of the enormous loss of life and eroding public confidence as the drug violence dominates the news in Mexico and aboard. The Sinaloa cartel has lost an important tentacle of its organization that executes and implements the crimes they commit.  Mexican authorities are hopeful this major arrest will provide an insight into this cartels operations.


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