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340,000. And they’re not going anywhere

One of every 25 adults living in the United States has legal issues with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. But the ratio regarding the babies born to those people is one of every 12 newborns in this country.

Those ratios are based off the Pew Hispanic Center’s latest study, which offers up statistics on exactly how many children born in this country have parents who are not U.S. citizens or resident aliens (meaning they have a legitimate Visa).

THE BOTTOM LINE is the figure 340,000. The study says that of the 4.3 million babies born in the United States during 2008, eight percent were children who qualify for the “anchor baby” status – the label that the nativist element of our society wants to give to those children so as to demonize them.

Make them out to be less than human, and it becomes easier to engage in rancid rhetoric about altering the U.S. Constitution so as to make it possible to boot the kids out of the country because one has an ethnic hangup concerning their parents.

For what it’s worth, the Pew study says that 76 percent of babies born in that year were to parents who were U.S.-born, while 16 percent were to parents who had been naturalized into U.S. citizenship or were somewhere along the legal process toward gaining citizenship.

It is that remaining 8 percent who are getting Republican partisans all worked up into talking about changing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution – one of the three that was enacted in the years following the Civil War so as to ensure that someone couldn’t claim that the “letter of the law” meant that the former Negro slaves were not U.S. citizens.