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Virgo September 23, 2017 Horoscope


From September 23 to 25, Mars (energy, assertion, aggression) opposes Neptune (dream, delusion, self-deception). Keep both feet on the ground. Something in your life is a little unreal just now. A matter you’d anticipated may fall through, or someone may promise something that’s a pipe dream. Psychic vampires will see into your insecure inner self and try to drain your energy. Drugs and alcohol can have an exaggerated effect. Put your energy into helping others accomplish something practical.

From September 23 to 26, Mars (energy, assertion, aggression) semisquares planet Uranus (innovations, surprises, upsets). Sudden changes can bring nervous tension and restless strain. You may feel scattered and irritable, as unexpected stress disrupts your routine. Use caution as these 2 impulsive energy planets can lead to accidents. Look for an ingenious approach to your problem as there may be a detour in your plans.

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Romulus Zamora

Romulus Zamora was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, received a BFA from the University of Texas, and an MFA from Florida State University. He served on the theater faculties of UCLA and USC before devoting himself to the practice of Astrology full-time. In his 28 years as a consulting astrologer his clients have included actors, attorneys, executives, politicians and athletes. Contact him at: Romulus@RomulusAstrology.com.

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