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May 6, 2017


Feliz Cumpleaños

Today in 1983 the great Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves was born in Juazeiro, Bahia. Alves, who was born Daniel Alves da Silva, is considered by many as the top full-back in the world playing today. He was recently transferred to play for the Italian team Juventus after playing for the great Barcelona team.

This mighty Taurus has played in three FIFA World Cups and three UEFA Super Cups and currently captains Brazil’s national team. Alves is the second most award-winning soccer player in the European circuit with nine European medals and 23 trophies over eight seasons of play with Barcelona.

Alves became a viral sensation for his quiet but impactful statement against racism he personally experienced on the field. The superstar was thrown a banana as an insult to his Afro-Caribbean roots and instead of protesting he peeled the banana and took at bit.

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