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November 10. 2016


Mercury (one’s thinking, communication) semisquares Jupiter (expansion, success, good luck). Don’t count on promises or offer more than you can deliver. Calm moderation will improve your judgment.

Venus (love, beauty, art) enters Capricorn, an EARTH sign, until December 7. Venus is happy here because EARTH relates to physical comfort and sensory (and sensual) stimulation. In Capricorn Venus focuses on the acquisition of material wealth. In yourenjoyment of things don’t overlook the value of your relationships.

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Romulus Zamora

Romulus Zamora was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, received a BFA from the University of Texas, and an MFA from Florida State University. He served on the theater faculties of UCLA and USC before devoting himself to the practice of Astrology full-time. In his 28 years as a consulting astrologer his clients have included actors, attorneys, executives, politicians and athletes. Contact him at: Romulus@RomulusAstrology.com.

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