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March 10, 2017

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Feliz Cumpleaños

Today in 1780 the great Venezuelan composer Juan Jose Landaeta was born in Caracas; he is credited with composing the country’s national anthem Gloria al Bravo Pueblo. Landaeta started his musical life in church as a violinist and conductor. He was the son of mixed raced parents who learned early the suffering and injustice people of color endured and therefore became involved in the fight for independence from Spain.

Eventually, Landaeta was imprisoned eventually freed by the great Liberator Simon Bolivar, returning to Caracas in 1813.

Landaeta also composed: Benedictus (1799); Salve Regina (1800); Pésame a la virgen and Glory to the Brave People (1810).

Venezuela honored him by naming the national conservatory of music after him.

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