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August 22, 2016


Mercury enters its Storm, moving less than 40 minutes of arc per day, as it slows down before going retrograde. The Storm acts like the retrograde. Don’t start any new projects now—- just follow through with the items that are already on your plate. Write down new ideas with date and time they occurred for consideration once Mercury goes Direct.

From August 22 to 25, Mars (energy, assertion, aggression) conjoins Saturn (delay, blockage, frustration). These work planets will help you harness and control your power to get things done. They’re good for making progress in business and practical matters. You’ll find it easier to control anger and practice discipline, patience, and endurance.

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Romulus Zamora

Romulus Zamora was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, received a BFA from the University of Texas, and an MFA from Florida State University. He served on the theater faculties of UCLA and USC before devoting himself to the practice of Astrology full-time. In his 28 years as a consulting astrologer his clients have included actors, attorneys, executives, politicians and athletes. Contact him at: Romulus@RomulusAstrology.com.

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