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April 10, 2017


Feliz Cumpleaños

Today in 1953 the former First Lady of Mexico Marta Sahagun de Fox was born in Michoacan, Mexico. She was born Marta Maria Sahagun Martinez to a doctor who founded a hospital and nursing school. Her first marriage ended in divorce and produced three sons.

Sahagun was always interested in politics even when running her wholesale supplies business with her first husband. As a member of the National Action Party (PAN) she served as spokesperson for the state government of Guanajuato – appointed by her future husband Vicente Fox.

Vicente Fox was elected to his six-year term in office on December 1, 2000 with Sahagun at his side as his press secretary. The couple eventually married in 2001. The petite Aries soon made a name for herself as a different type of First Lady.

Sahagun has often been described as outspoken, fashionable and an equal in her marriage. She is also often criticized as spending too much money, a clotheshorse and rumors of her son’s shady business dealings have always surrounded Sahagun.

In spite of all Sahagun’s challenges the political power couple remain committed to each other and united in their stance against current U.S. President Donald Trump. Her husband uses any occasion to point out that Mexico will not be paying for the proposed new border wall.

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