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Hispanic Health News

May 2010 Archives

Fact or Fiction: Undocumented Immigrants are Responsible for Many Societal Ailments

The latest Rasmussen poll regarding Arizona’s immigration law says it found that 55% favor Immigration Law Like Arizona’s For their State. The main reasons cited are that undocumented immigrants add to high crime rates and abuse the healthcare system. continue reading »

Casos de Esclerosis Múltiple Aumentan en la Comunidad Hispana

Alrededor de 400,000 Americanos sufren de esta condición que afecta a la visión y movilidad. Esta enfermedad afecta a los Americanos blancos, pero ultimadamente esta afectando a las minoridades más… continue reading »

NAHH Endorses the President’s Cancer Panel Report “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk”

Washington, DC — “It has been nearly 50 years since the Surgeon General wrote to the American people about the relationship between tobacco and cancer. The President’s Cancer Panel has… continue reading »

Substance Abuse in Mexican Americans Differs by Gender

Mexican-American women and men have marked differences in substance abuse patterns, according to a new U.S. study. continue reading »