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Hispanic Health News

States Sign On with Text4baby to Deliver Mobile Health Information to New & Expecting Mothers

States Sign On with Text4baby to Deliver Mobile Health Information to New & Expecting Mothers

Photo: Text4Baby

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Local and National Partners Unite to Improve Maternal and Infant Health One Text at a Time.

Text4baby, the free mobile health service, is making it much easier for pregnant women and new moms to connect with the care they need. By simply texting “BABY” (or “BEBE” for information in Spanish) to 511411, women can register to receive weekly text messages, timed to their individual due dates or their baby’s birth date throughout their pregnancy and baby’s first year. The tips and messages, which have been developed in collaboration with government and nonprofit health experts, deal with nutrition, immunization and birth defect prevention, among other topics.

Each day in America:

  * 11,686 babies are born
  * 1,487 babies are born preterm
  * 964 babies are born with low birthweight
  * Only 63% of mothers under age 20 get adequate pre-natal care.

From May until October 2011, states around the nation will be looking for innovative ways to encourage moms to engage with the text4baby program, as part of a recently launched national competition to get moms to sign up and join the movement. The State Enrollment Contest brings together over 500 text4baby partners to help spread the word about maternal and infant health. The top three states to enroll the most users in text4baby between now and the end of October 2011 will be announced at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in November.

An updated text4baby website will help track state-by-state enrollment and partners will be able to access hyper-local statistics by ZIP code. Participants across the country will be able to check in with the site (http://www.text4baby.org), which re-launched today in English to learn more about the contest and activities in their area. The website will also be available in Spanish later this year.

“Every day there is a new group of women who find out they are pregnant, and there is so much that moms need to know. Text4baby is free service that makes motherhood a little easier,” said Judy Meehan, CEO National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition. “The State Enrollment Contest is an exciting opportunity to reach as many users as possible through healthy competition among the states and the over 500 text4baby partners.” 

Here are some ways to support your state and be part of the text4baby movement:

  * Sign up for text4baby
  * Share text4baby on Twitter (@mytext4baby) along with the hashtag #T4B2011
  * Become a fan of text4baby on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/text4baby)
  * Talk to your local healthcare provider about the text4baby service
  * Share text4baby with friends and family

For more information, visit www.text4baby.org.