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Cilantro’s Health Benefits

Cilantro’s Health Benefits

Photo: Cilantro's Health Benefits

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Cilantro contains an antibacterial compound, dodecenal, that has shown to be a safe, natural means of fighting salmonella, a frequent and sometimes deadly cause of foodborne illness.

Cilantro oil (derived from cilantro) has been found to assist the digestive system in the production of digestive enzymes.

Cilantro contains good quantities of an alcohol known as borneol that is capable of destroying viruses and germs that cause colds.

Cilantro is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

Regular intake of cilantro helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL).

The benefits of cilantro may include an ability to help control blood sugar and fight inflammation. The antioxidants found in cilantro help reduce free radical damage from exposure to sunlight. Research shows that daily use of cilantro helps in preventing skin cancer.

How to Get the Health Benefits of Cilantro Every Day

The benefits of cilantro are so numerous, ideally you’d want to have some every day. However, as with any herb or spice, you may find it impractical to include cilantro in your meal plans that often. There’s an easy way to accomplish this — by making yourself a smoothie every day and adding some cilantro to your recipe.

Fresh smoothies make for some of the most nutritious, delicious and easy-to-make meals you could imagine. They’re a great way to get more of those “good for you” antioxidant-rich foods (that you may not get enough of) into your diet.

Heavy Metal Cleansing

Cilantro is most often cited as being effective for heavy metal cleansing and rightfully so, this herb is a powerful, natural cleansing agent. The chemical compounds in cilantro bind to heavy metals and loosen them from the tissue. Many people suffering from mercury exposure report a reduction in the often-cited feeling of disorientation after consuming large and regular amounts of cilantro over an extended period.

Other Benefits of Cilantro

  - May be able to help prevent cardiovascular damage.
  - The School of Life Science in Tamil Nadu, India noted, after researching the anti diabetic activity of cilantro, the leaves and stem, “if used in cuisine would be a remedy for diabetes.”
  - Strong antioxidant activity.
  - Has been shown to have anti-anxiety effects.
  - May help improve sleep quality.
  - Has been examined and described to have a blood-sugar lowering effect.
  - Cilantro seed oil possess antioxidative and antihyperglycemic properties, consumption may decrease oxidative stress.
  - Research conducted by The Dental School of Piracicaba in Brazil found cilantro oil to be a new natural antifungal formulation opportunity.
  - Demonstrated antibacterial activity.
  - Has demonstrated anti-fungal activity.