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May 2010 Archives

Hispanics, High School Dropouts and GED

Just one-in-ten Hispanic high school drop-outs has a General Educational Development (GED) credential, widely regarded as the best “second chance” pathway to college, vocational training and military service for adults… continue reading »

Parents as Partners in Reading

Hispanic parents care deeply about their children’s success in education. In many situations, however, Hispanic parents do not have a strong grasp on how to best support their children’s learning in school. continue reading »

Going Back to School: A Balancing Act of Time

How is it possible to add more to your already busy day? How can you go back to school and still do the things that you need to do each day? Can you just squeeze a little more time out of an already action packed schedule? continue reading »

Get a Degree It’s Good for the Neighborhood

I think that it is common knowledge that a college education, a four year Bachelor’s degree, is good for you as an individual and good for your family. With a Bachelor’s degree your career opportunities and job mobility increase. continue reading »

College Preparation for Average Students

In fact a staggering 95% of the students in our country have an average grade score of a B at the very best. But this by no means suggests that all hopes are gone for these students. continue reading »

Returning to School as an Adult

School days have changed rather dramatically in the last 10 or so years. School, particularly higher education, is no longer just for the kids. “School” can take place just about anywhere, in the community, in hospitals, in companies, in social service organizations, not only in schools. continue reading »

Community Colleges – A Smart Way To Go

While spending four years at a prestigious university has its appeal, more and more students are discovering just how smart it is to complete their first two years of college study at inexpensive, local community colleges. An associates degree from a two-year institution generally fulfills all the lower-division (freshman and sophomore general education requirements) when transferred to a four-year college or university, allowing the student to enter with junior class standing and focus on his/her major. continue reading »

Unemployment Rates and College Dropouts

Boy times are tough! Unemployment moves up more than down. More companies are cutting jobs with no plans to add any in the foreseeable future. The outlook is so bleak that many people have just stopped looking for work. continue reading »

Chicagoland Educational Opportunities for Hispanics

Often times we don’t really know what’s happening in our own backyard. We know what we are doing and what those who are close to us are involved in, either through family connections or geography. But we aren’t really aware of other things happening right under our noses. continue reading »