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Will the seasons ever change?

Will the seasons ever change?

Photo: winter in the midwest

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This time of year, that teasing season between winter and spring, it is hard to believe those of us in the Midwest will ever be warm again. Just as the sun begins to shine and warm our weary bones and you consider getting the kids’ winter coats cleaned and put away for next year, or dare to go out to the yard to clean up the winter debris, the cold returns.  Even though it might only be 10 degrees cooler than it should be at this time of year, and we have survived far worse during the winter, the anger at and disappointment in Mother Nature is palpable.  We expect by this time of year to have warmer weather and when we don’t get it we get mad and it becomes the topic of conversation just about everywhere.
Here is what we do know, it will eventually get warmer. All our complaining and whining, and I am right in there with the best of them, does nothing. Rather than focus on our sense of warm weather entitlement do something else. Use this unanticipated extra time, although honestly we live in the Midwest this trick of Mother Nature should not be a surprise, to do something that will give you more time to be outside once the weather warms.  Think of this as practice for the other things that don’t come exactly when we want or anticipate them and learn to be patient.

Start seeds that can be transplanted to the porch or deck or front steps once the weather changes. Clean that closet that is overrun with stuff that no one claims as theirs Visit the Garfield Park Conservatory and just sit in the Show Room and bask in the sights and smells of the spring flowers. . Check out something you have always wanted to do and be brave and do it.

Transition time, the space between the end of one thing and the beginning of another, can be lost time or found time. Make it be found time and use to move yourself forward. You can still crab about the weather but do it while you are doing something that will carry you forward.