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The Wisteria Effect

The Wisteria Effect

Photo: The Wisteria Effect

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This time of year my wisteria, which I nursed for about 5 years, is in bloom. It has a short flowering time lasting only a few weeks. But in those few weeks I find so much pleasure in those blooms that is was well worth the wait and all the effort. Wisteria doesn’t easily bloom in the Chicago climate but because it is protected by my neighbor’s house and still gets good spring sun, it has flourished. I bought the plant as an anniversary present for my husband and I for our 15th anniversary and we have now been married 30 years.

In the few weeks it is blooming I get up early in the morning, regardless of weather conditions and this year that has been a real challenge, and have my morning tea sitting out there. I am hidden from the street by other foliage so I can be there without being seen. Even if I only sit there for 5 or 10 minutes I find it sets the pace and feeling for the whole day. I am more relaxed and focused and pretty much unflappable.  I appear to be able to put things more easily in perspective in ways that I may have to struggle with other times of the year. Every spring I think I need to find that same sort of way to start the day for the other 49 weeks of the year!

Practicing yoga helps, as does starting the day with a walk. These things bring on a similar sort of calm but it is not quite the same, and honestly they require more effort than just walking outside into my yard. I am still searching for the wisteria effect for the rest of the year. It strikes me that we should learn about this possibility earlier in life. Schools should help us identify that thing or activity or event that keeps us grounded and able to put other things in perspective. 

My grandmother and her sisters found that prayer and their afternoon card games, except during lent, did this for them. But the next generation lost the practice of the afternoon card game and I am not sure about prayer.

Regardless of how hectic or calm your daily life is there is something to be said for finding that thing that allows you to become centered; it allows you to move through the day being in the moment and not too distracted. Search for your own wisteria effect as I continue to find something for the rest of the year.