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The 2010 Racial and Gender Report: College Sports Good for Racial Hiring Practices

The 2010 College Racial and Gender Report Card, issued today by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) at the University of Central Florida, showed that college sport increased its grade for racial hiring practices from a C+ to a B while maintaining a solid B for gender hiring practices.  The combined grade was a solid B.

College sport received the B for racial hiring practices by earning 81.9 points, up from 76.2 points in the 2008 College RGRC, the last report where a grade was issued.  College sport received the B for gender hiring practices by earning 82.3 points, up from 80.7 points in the 2008 College RGRC.  The combined grade was raised from a C+ (78.5) to a B (82.1).  The 2009 College RGRC did not include grades because there was insufficient new data to update the 2008 College RGRC.

College sport made a substantial improvement on racial hiring practices as well as progress on gender hiring practices. There have been well‐publicized improvements in head football coaching positions, but this RGRC also shows improvement across the board for both race and gender.  However, the report featured several big areas of concern. Historically, there has been an outstanding record for equal opportunity for men’s head basketball coaches. Now in men’s Division I basketball, 21.0
percent of all head coaches were African‐American, which was down 1.9 percentage points from the last report  and down 4.2 percentage points from the 2005‐06 season, when there was an all‐time high of 25.2 percent of our men’s head basketball coaches who were African‐American.

Also, all conference commissioners at FBS conferences are white men.  Finally, only 8.3 percent of Division I athletics directors are women.  College sport received its only F’s in these categories.

The report, which was authored by TIDES director Richard Lapchick with Brian Hoff and Chris Kaiser, follows previously released ones on Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, the National Football League and Major League Soccer. The College Sport report will be followed by the complete Racial and Gender Report Card.