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“Scoring for Education” Campaign Offers Tips For Attaining Higher Education

“Scoring for Education” Campaign Offers Tips For Attaining Higher Education

Photo: Scoring for Education

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In 2002 the PEW Hispanic Center released a report titled, “Latinos in Higher Education: Many Enroll, Too Few Graduate.” In the 10 years since the study was published, how much has changed?

A recent poll sponsored by Stanford University found that 87 percent of Latinos value higher education, however only 13 percent attain a college degree. As the need to fill positions that will be vacated within the next ten years by retiring baby boomers coincides with the growth of the Hispanic demographic, it will be essential to the U.S. economy for the Latino community to make greater strides in achieving higher education. According to PEW, in 2010, the number of Hispanics attending college hit an all-time high, a positive trend for Latinos.

¡Adelante! is a national leader in education, having helped thousands all over the nation through $1.5 million in scholarships, internships and leadership development programs. Adelante! is also conducting Miller Lite-sponsored workshops to inform and arm parents with the tools they need to ensure their families have the opportunity to achieve a higher education. The sponsored educational workshops are hosted by former Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman, Tony Casillas, and community advocate and the 2010 MillerCoors Lider of the year, Raul Magdaleno.

At the Miller Lite-sponsored workshops Magdaleno joins Casillas in sharing his story and how he was able to surpass many obstacles in life to conquer his dream of achieving a higher education.

As a community advocate, Magdaleno shares the following tips on how to make your dreams of attaining a higher education a possibility:

    Plan visits to schools and career exploration opportunities: Schedule visits with colleges and universities to get the true feel of the environment.
    Apply early: Most grants and scholarships are limited and available on a first come-first serve basis. Be aware of final deadlines and plan to complete your applications as soon as they are made available.
    Ask questions: Set up a meeting with school counselors, teachers and administrators and start making direct contact with admission and financial aid representatives. These individuals will be able to assist you better, given that they know the ins and outs of their institution.
    Don’t make nor allow excuses in your household: They never amount to anything. You can be born in all the right conditions to become the next president of the United States or the first astronaut to land on Mars, but it does not mean you will necessarily become either of these. It is up to you to shape your future.

The educational parent workshops offer additional tips and a dinner for all attendees. Find out how you can participate and contribute by visiting the Adelante! website.