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Rhythms of Life

This time of year, with winter continuing longer that anyone thinks it should, I find myself wanting to do nothing more than stay home curled up with a good book or just puttering around the house doing usually avoided chores. Each year it surprises me; the cold gets to me and I want to stay indoors and almost nothing can lure me out. You would think that by now I would remember that this nesting season comes every year about this time. And, it goes by the time the winds change and the scent of spring is in the air. But each year I honestly have to remind myself that nothing is wrong, I am not sick or depressed or even worried about anything in particular. I am in the suspended state of late winter preparing myself for the shift to come. Yet it almost always catches me by surprise. Image

Recognizing that the seasons are not just something that happen around us but also influence us and our behavior is something to be noted maybe even anticipated. Perhaps it is nature’s way of helping us rest up for the work ahead. After all, the animals hibernate; the garden appears to die back. We do feed the garden in the fall so it has food all through the long winter, and animals store food so they don’t have to do much but stay warm.  This dormant time allows us to recharge and even rethink where we are and where we want to go. We are preparing for the planting season, even if we no longer plant.

But we do some sort of planting, even if not literally, we plant ideas and energy and hope for ourselves and those around us. Most of us have responsibilities that impact others, and our attitudes and abilities are important to that climate, corporate or family or social. The hibernating season of deep winter is just as important to us as it is to the animal and plant life around us. So be good to yourself.

Give yourself permission to do less; take care of yourselves; breathe deeply and spend some time thinking rather than doing. It is a short lived period of time and we will have crops to get in the ground, literally or metaphorically, very soon.  Appreciate the darkness of the season as it will soon be bright with chores to do.