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Pilsen Education Summit Summary

The Pilsen Education Summit is organized by PNCC, in collaboration with members of the Pilsen Education Task Force – of the Pilsen Planning Committee, comprised of schools, community based organizations, colleges & universities, as well as parents. The goal is to create a path of education for area residents from birth through college, and make all residents aware of the educational resources available in Pilsen.

For its 4th year, PNCC held a successful Education Summit on October 2010. Parents and youth came to Benito Juarez Community Academy, and attended workshops that addressed key topics such as sex education, teen violence prevention, career placement services, health, tutoring information, family care, higher education nutrition and more.

In addition, the Pilsen Education Task Force introduced the comprehensive Pilsen Education Plan.

Additionally, PNCC is presented a workshop titled, “Building a Core Team in Your School: Building a Better Future for Your Children.” The workshop will show parents, school principals and others, how they can increase educational opportunities and build a better future for children.  Besides helping parents understand the functions of a core team in their selective school, the workshop will increase their knowledge about leadership and how to contribute to the betterment of schools and the community.